What are the must-have items you need for journaling?

When you need to buy school supplies, there is now a good chance for you to buy teacher supplies to do a journal. You can have a notebook with your daily thoughts, or you want to have a bullet journal. There is nothing like stationery. The best thing about paper is you have lots of materials to use. These are the lists that you need to have when you are journaling.


You can use markers when you read a newspaper or book and think there is a sentence you must remember. You can use the quotes for important seminars or writings on your board. You can use a feature to highlight the points in your notes.


The notebook looks great when you buy it with a design. Journaling can be fun with ultra-function with a hidden pocket. You can choose different notebooks you like to use for your journaling.

Washi tape

It would help if you bought a washi tape when you like to bring life to your journaling to be a better artist. It has decorative sticker tape that makes adding style. It is a different section in your notebook. You can use the video to mark important pages in your journal. Using the tape, you can use colors and patterns, from simple colors to bright florals. It will depend on what style you use. There is a washi tape for you to use to have different designs in your journal.

teacher supplies

Gym clips

Binders and gym clips are essential for those that are working in offices. When you like to add artwork, keeping the pages open flat for writing will take a lot of work. It is why you need to use binder clips to make it flat. You can make your monthly or weekly layout in your journal. You can add new reflections in your notebook, binder, and gym clips to help you do it without any struggle.


Having a pencil on your desk is essential when you like sketching drawings or any artwork you want. Using pencils is easier to use when you make mistakes because you can erase them. It will be ideal to use because you can immediately correct your errors and buy it in different colors.

To-do lists

When doing a journal and you love to jot down your thoughts. You must have a to-do list sheet if you love an organizational tool. You can have notepads, but they will help you write three tasks or set a goal for the day. Many use it like checklist items where you can write what you need to do in a day. You can use it to list your grocery items and remember what you have to buy.

It will be fun when you start making your journal. These are the things you need to buy to create your journaling. The items are essential, and you will use them when writing something in your notebook. It will be fun to buy these things because it is available in different colors and designs.

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