If you have red days, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it napkins or tampons? Well, this better be the solution to the problem. It is the moxie menstrual cup. This cup is a type of reusable hygiene product for women. It is made of rubber or silicone that needs to be inserted into the vagina. You can use this cup for 8 hours, and after that, you need to remove and wash the cup and insert it again. Just a heads up, never use this cup overnight; it may cause various problems if you do so.

Before using this product, consider first the things you need to know how and when you can use this. You first need to know the correct size and if it is appropriate for your age to use.

You must know the length of your cervix. The firmness and texture of the cup and the materials used, and the durability of the cup.

Using reusable cups needs more care. You must be generous in cleaning and changing it every 6-8 hours to avoid infection or any diseases.

moxie menstrual cup

It can be money-saving and eco-friendly. It is hassle-free and not time-consuming. It can hold more blood than other feminine products. It is safe and multifunctional with various uses. It is convenient if you have a rash using a napkin and can go swimming or do any activities freely and actively.

Tips for removing menstrual cups. You need first to wash your hands thoroughly before inserting Your finger. Use your index finger and thumb to push and pull out the cup. Stop until you reach the base of the cup to release the seal and pull down the cup. After pulling it out, empty the cup in the toilet and wash it after putting it back. In some of our sensitive areas, you must be clean and neat to protect yourself. So you must clean the menstrual cup as neatly as possible to avoid any bad reactions in the vagina.

Various types of cups are available in different designs, colors, and shapes. Doctors will know what type of cup you should be using. Just make sure you buy the specific brand and size for you to feel comfortable and reduce infection. Make sure to choose the correct cup that you will be using.

Go see a doctor if you recently gave birth and you do not want to use a napkin. check with your OB Gynecologist to ensure that it is safe and you can use it anytime. Being safe is the first thing to do when it comes to your hygiene. Do it correctly and safely. Ensure that your sensitive part will be safe and healthy.

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