Build Your Own Mini-Treehouse: A Step-By-Step Guide

I’ve been a big fan of tiny treehouses ever since I first saw them on the internet, and that first image has stayed with me ever since. To learn more about this trend, and to share my enthusiasm with you, I’m offering an in-depth guide on how to build your own mini-treehouse or you can get yours from It includes all the tips and tricks I’ve learned from researching different designs, as well as cost estimates for building materials, so it should be a good starting point for anybody interested in getting started on their own dream tiny treehouse project.

Why build your own mini-treehouse?

Building your own treehouse is not only an exciting project, but it’s also a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. But before you start cutting lumber, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. First, think about how tall you want the treehouse to be. Second, how wide do you want the base of the treehouse? Third, what kind of design or theme do you want for it? And fourth, will this be just for kids or can adults play too?

tiny treehouses

What you’ll need

Materials (e.g., wood, nails, screws, paint)

Tools (e.g., saw, drill)

A sketch of the treehouse design is needed before starting to cut any pieces. The plans will also tell you what length and width each piece needs to be in order to fit together correctly.

The build processes

  1. Find an adequate spot for the tree house.
  2. Locate two sturdy trees and measure them, marking the spot where they will meet with the ground with the string.
  3. Drive in some stakes to make sure that they are secure and won’t be too difficult to remove when you want to get rid of them later on.

Decorating your new space

The first thing to do is figure out where to put the treehouse. You’ll want it in an area of the yard that has some shade, but still gets some sun. This will help keep it cool during the day and warm at night. Next, gather all of your materials and tools together.

Final thoughts

Having a mini tree house in your backyard is cool, but it’s even better if you make it yourself. Here are the steps to build your very own:

1) Find the perfect spot-on trees that have branches that are close enough together to support the weight of the structure.

2) Use an electric drill to bore holes into the trunk of both trees, starting at least six inches apart and going as deep as you can. Be careful not to bore too deeply or you might hit roots.

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