When you compare a spin bike to other types of stationary bikes, you will realize that it is something completely different. The goal of using a spin bike is to make riding a bike feel as much like you are on a real road or track bike outdoors. If you want an indoor cycling experience that feels like cycling outside, then visit LSG Fitness to check out the spin bikes you can pick from. And if you want to buy one for your home gym, then here are some factors to consider.

The Q Factor

The ‘Q Factor’ is one of the most important parts to consider when choosing a spin bike. Most of the time, bikes with lower Q factors are the most preferred because they accurately copy the real bicycles. It has been found that a lower Q factor is better from an ergonomic point of view. This lets you put more force on the pedals, thus the experience would be like in a real road bike.

Flywheel Weight

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The flywheel is the part of the spin bike that keeps the pedals’ forward motion going. And when it comes to the flywheel, the weight matters. The spinning bikes with the heavier flywheels come closest to what it’s like to ride a road bike. But remember that flywheels can have different weights. So before you decide on a spin bike, make sure that you know a little bit more about the flywheel weight first before you proceed.

Adjustable Handlebar

Choose a spin bike where the handlebars can be changed or adjusted. This way, it will be suited to the rider, no matter what the arm length and upper body type is. Before you decide, check to see if the handlebars are fixed or if they can be adjusted. Knowing how to appropriately adjust the handlebars. Take note that low handlebars may be uncomfortable for bikers, especially for those with back problems or who are not used to this position.

Adjustable Seats

Spin bikes need both the handlebars and the seat to be adjusted to your level of comfort. This way, you reduce any possibilities of getting out of balance and getting injured while on the spin bike. And since riders are different when it comes to height, weight, and how they sit, the seat of the spin bike must be easily adjustable.

Spinning and other forms of indoor cycling have become one of the most popular fitness trends in the world. So if you are building your home gym and you are looking for equipment that you can add, then you should consider having your very own spin bike. You can visit LSG Fitness to check out your options and consider the specs and features mentioned above.

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