Types of Packing Tape

Packing tape also has different types. The differences vary if where you will use it or if it is for indoor or outdoor use. Manufacturers of varying packing tapes also have personalized items. Here are examples of some varieties of different packing tapes:

packing tape

  • Brown packing tape is one of the most used in the industry. It is a multi-purpose tape and can do all jobs. It can be used for sealing, wrapping, and all that requires reliable and robust employment.
  • Clear parcel tape is a type of tape that is transparent. It is used for parcels or packages with a light-colored background. A scotch tape is compared with this tape because it has the same features but differs in durability.
  • Colored packing tape is used for factories and color-coding warehouses to avoid miscommunication. This tape is also used for classifying specialized packages. And for processing.
  • Paper parcel tape is the most traditional tape used for years. It is water-resistant and can not be torn easily. This tape is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and can be recycled.
  • Specialized tape, is a tape that is used for packages that include specialized labels. It is also found in commercial places for good handling.
  • Vinyl tape is a strong tape that can be used for cold surfaces like refrigerators. Also, tear resistance.

Advantages of Packing Tape

It can be in different forms and durable. It is also one of the most used sealing products when sending packages. Also, it is the cheapest sealing product and can be used in any box. You must also choose the type of packing tape suited for your products.

There are too many packing tapes that can be used. You can choose carefully what to use and what to seal to your package. Closing the box must be clean and less messy. Make sure you use the correct type of packing tape to ensure cleanliness in your work.

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