Purchasing The Most Affordable Skateboard For You

Buying your first skateboard can be challenging, you need to decide from the different options available for you. Skateboards come in different brands, sizes, and shapes for different abilities and ages.

Type of skateboarding

The first thing to decide is what kind of skateboarding to do. There are various types of skateboarding, these include:

  • Street. The most popular skateboard, in which new tricks were invented, is possible. By using this skateboard, you will realize that you don’t need a ramp to do gnarly on a skateboard. When the ollies were invented, the natural progression may have led to grinds and flip tricks. It is best for spots with obstacles, such as:
    • Stairs
    • Rails
    • ledges
  • Vert. It has two large quarter pipes with a foot or more vertical ground at the top. Vert skateboard is best for doing lip tricks and grinds on the coping of the ramp and using speed caused by the ramp to make airs.
  • Longboarding. There are a bunch of possibilities in a longboard skateboard. It is built for speed. It is the transportation choice of various skateboards due to the ability to keep rolling fast on a tarmac. Longboards are shaped like surfboards. But, there is an evolved square shape with wheels to jump out of the board for full turning capabilities.

  • Cruising. It is best for low speeds for a bunch of tricks, such as:
    • body varials
    • old school flips
  • Freestyle. It is the oldest form of skateboard where skaters try to come up with new stunts. Most original tricks involved are:
    • Wheelies
    • Handstands
    • spins

Understanding what to get out of your skateboard helps you pick the right type of board. Do you live in a skatepark nearby and want to learn tricks and how to ollie? Do you think you can cruise around, commute, or roll around the campus? Or maybe you are looking for a first skateboard for your young kid to learn the basics?

Buying your first skateboard

Getting your first skateboard is a proud moment as you always remember that first board. You want it to look awesome with a good build to give yourself the best onset for your budget. The more you love the look of the board, the more you want to ride it, and the more you will progress and stick to it. The low-cost skateboard is expected to be of poor quality, so it could be tricky to purchase a quality one.

There are various options when purchasing the first skateboard.

Complete skateboards

The most typical first board is a full skateboard. You can get everything you need, assembled and ready to ride. There are not many benefits to know when choosing and pairing parts of a skateboard, you simply need to pick the right size board. It is the most cost-effective way of getting into skateboarding.

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