Before the first year, it is advisable to avoid the use of pillows and blankets in the crib or mini-crib of babies, a crib bag is all that our little one needs, since it offers us many advantages when it comes to keeping him warm during the months of winter. The most important thing is that it will allow you to breathe correctly, eliminating the risk of getting trapped, guaranteeing a safe sleep.

First of all, theĀ baby sleeping bags keep our child warm, preventing them from uncovering themselves in contrary to crib sheets, blankets and quilts, from which the baby can easily uncover with movement. That is why with the baby crib bags you will forget to cover your child a thousand times every night, and wake up shortly after to check that it is uncovered and cold.

On the other hand, they offer us the advantage of being able to easily mobilize and transport the baby during the night, even if he is asleep. All in all, if you are looking for the best crib footmuff, it should have easy access for diaper changes.

They usually have a zipper at the bottom, so that we can change our baby when he sleeps, without having to wake him up. We can also easily move him from his crib to our bed, if we practice co- sleeping.

baby sleeping bags

When it comes to economy, buying a baby crib bag represents a saving. Although we will need to have 2 or 3 to have a change and be able to wash them, we will avoid buying blankets, sheets and quilts.

Using a crib bag is much safer than covering the baby with blankets and quilts, which can cover the face while sleeping, increasing the risk of sudden death or suffocation.

That is why we must select the bags avoiding that they have automatics, buttons or any other element that can come off, posing a risk to the baby.

Similarly, sleeping bags are recommended by pediatricians as babies are wrapped in a way that gives them a greater sense of security.

First of all, you must see what the appropriate TOG is at each time of year. The TOG is a measure that helps us classify crib bags and duvets based on their thermal capacity. Therefore, it tells us the weight of a cot sack and determines its thickness and the heat it provides. The higher the TOG, the hotter it is. It is also important to check from time to time that the baby is not overheating, it is always better that he is cool before he gets too hot.

Now, it is normal for his hands to be somewhat cold, if they are hot it means that he is too hot, or if we touch the back of his neck and it is wet. To continue, there are several factors that determine the TOG rating to use, such as the amount of clothing the baby is wearing, the temperature of the bedroom, and the health of the baby.

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