What are the guidelines for buying a diamond?

There is a high-quality diamond, 4 carat diamond ring where it is hard to find in the market. When you see a 4-carat diamond in real life it is truly amazing. The standard carat weight when you buy an engagement ring is 1.00ct. It gives you the idea of how big it is when you like to buy a 4-carat diamond ring. When you are interested to buy it you have to understand its quality and your budget. These are the guide to help you choose the best diamond ring.

The word carat is known to be the weight of the diamond. The one carat is 200mg and it is hard to understand its size from the carat weight. It will affect the price and weight of the diamond depending on its shape and cut quality. In national and international understanding, the 4-carat diamond is already known as a big diamond. It is the perfect weight for engagement rings and you can wear it every day. It will be best when you wear it during special occasions and evening dinner. Since it is a diamond you have to use it when there is an event to make you look incredible.

It doesn’t matter what carat weight you like to buy, choosing a diamond with grades is your priority. But you also have to check the quality and color of diamonds with huge carat weight.


You have to set aside your choices and budget for the meantime while you are looking for diamonds. You have to consider the color grades in 4-carat diamonds whether it is an H or higher. The H color diamond is near-colorless. You will see a color yellow/brown hues that are invisible to the naked eye. The higher surface area can show the yellow tones in the lower grade diamond so you have to buy diamonds that are not lower than an H.

4 carat diamond ring


To make your 4-carat diamond look the best you can use a VS2. You will not see the inclusions when you are not using any tools. But with the jeweler’s loupe, you can see it because there is a 10x magnification. You can watch a 360 video in high-resolution images to see the details of your diamond. When you like to go higher it will give you clarity but you have to prepare your budget. It is because the more you get higher the prices will be the same. When diamonds are rare you will have to expect that it is expensive.


It is a necessary feature when you buy diamonds and it affects the price and appearance. You have to buy the best cut that you can avail and concentrate more on cuts compare to other C’s.


The GIA and AGS are one of the best labs that are giving the correct and reliable grades on the board. They are protecting the value of the diamond and avoid you from overspending on buying a low-quality diamond grade.

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