Types Of Wedding Bands That You Will Love To Wear

Engagement rings are usually more fun and get the most attention, the wedding band is one of the sets that must not be taken for granted. In fact, you should take extra effort in choosing everything that goes with it – the metal, engraving, and embellishments. It is important that you do this before the big day.

Who Buys the Wedding Bands?

Back in the day, the man has the sole responsibility of saving money for the wedding bands. But these days, most couples are more practical. They prefer to share the expenses. They want to buy and decide on the wedding bands together. To help you decide on which wedding band to pick, here are your options for wedding bands Melbourne.

The Metals

The most popular metals for wedding bands are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium. Some also prefer to use tungsten. The majority of brides want to have their wedding bands made of the same metal as their engagement rings. But of course, you can consider a different style of band for the wedding, especially if you like the look of mixed metals.

When choosing your metal, take in mind that this ring is meant to last a lifetime and can be passed on to your next kin. And if you know that your lifestyle is not all calm and delicate, consider a stronger metal, like tungsten or platinum since both are harder and sturdier than gold.

Wedding Bands

Stones and Gems

To make their wedding bands personal, many choose to add stones and gems. But you have to think this through if you have a busy lifestyle because jewels might come loose and fall out over time. consider a channel setting instead. A small channel is used to hold and place the stones to secure the jewels. Also, it is best to stick to large stones like diamonds, sapphires, or rubies.


Engraving and etching will be extra pricey but this will add a personality to your wedding band. It can be vintage art, florals, stars, any design that you wish to have on your wedding band is doable. Even though it’s an extra expense on your part, it’s all worth it. This is a personal touch that can do and do without, depending on your preference.

Wedding bands are very personal. And when choosing one, there’s no rule to follow. It doesn’t even have to match. What’s important is that you both choose one that you would love to wear depending on personal preferences and lifestyle. And if you do want to have the same bands, then choose the unisex alternative. You have to remember that whether you match, don’t match, or you totally forgo bands, comes down to what you prefer.

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