All bluetooth earphones singapore aren’t equivalent – – not just in cost (from about ten dollars to almost $200) and highlights, but also in terms of ease of use. Some of these distinctions may be straightforward, some may involve YMMV (the mileage may vary). In light of the ones experts have tried, evaluated, verified, and visited with my techno-associates, here are some tips on what to look for – – and pay special attention to – when choosing a Bluetooth earphones Singapore intended for use with phones, especially PDAs ( and cell phones that function as telephones).

Things to search

It uses a USB port (and link) for charging, nothing restrictive on the earphone side attachment. The headphone charging port must be a standard USB port (miniature or small). (The opposite end should be a standard USB plug, which allows charging from a controlled USB port on a desktop or notebook PC, or a USB charger.)

Sounding right for the next party

On the off chance that the voice doesn’t come through clearly, and incidental sounds aren’t sifted through, one wants to keep looking. This is where one wants a “test friend” one can call and talk to – – in a perfect world, someone one can borrow a headset so one can hear the opposite side experience at least parts and ornaments. The charging link needs to be plugged directly into the headset, not some delegated charging case, and as a general rule, the fewer parts, the less one carries or loses. Also, the actual headset should not be disassembled effectively, let alone unexpectedly.

bluetooth earphones singapore

All around, usable controls

Remember that one is trying to control the headset by lifting it with one finger, without looking, to acknowledge/off, change the volume, and maybe something else. One’d rather not hang up on someone’s face while trying to change the volume. It might take some getting used to – – or one might need different sized fingers – – or a particular headset might not be right for one.

Small and reduced USB charger

One need one that fits neatly in a pocket or travel bag, but there are probably better enough ones out there; don’t make it the central consideration. Multipoint (also known as “multi shifting”) allows one to switch between some dynamic gadgets, such as between the BlackBerry and the netbook.


At the point where one dropped it or lost it, decent shading would be great here. As well as a flashing/screaming “here I am” signal as cordless phones offer, activatable from the phone.

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