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Hermes resellers

Hermès is an iconic luxury brand, you can buy the basic Hermes bag for almost $2,000, not only the bags Hermes also sells a collection of belts, shoes, watches, etc. Hermes’ high-quality level, craftsmanship, and detailed defined work makes Hermes such an iconic luxury brand in the world, and has acquired almost $19 billion market brand valuation and stands behind another luxurious brand, Louis Vuitton.

However, these brands are expensive and may not be bought by an average human, but no need to worry, if you are a Hermes fan and want to buy a product of Hermes you can buy it from the reseller. A reseller may sell the same product at more than 30-40 percent discounted price.

You might be wondering why someone would sell Hermes bags that are almost new?  Because many rich women have different types of bags with extensive quantity and for different occasions, which hardly be used more than 4-5 times a year, therefore, they sell it to the reseller.

Do resellers sell copied Hermes products?

In today’s world when there are many stores available online and offline, it is difficult to find a genuine reseller that sells original products. Yes, of course, some sell the exact copy of expensive products but the price they ask is the price of the original product so why not buy the original one?  Some resellers buy products directly from the present customer and sell them to the new one.

Reputable Hermes resellers

reputable hermes resellers

LUX.R  is one of the most reputable hermes resellers in Singapore.

Sell with LUX.R

You can sell your original products with them giving a small description about the product, its color, model, scratch marks, etc. Thereafter, you need to send some pictures of the product, the inner part, outer strap, outer part, etc. Then you have to provide the original bill, box, etc. If you don’t have these bills and boxes, you can still access them to sell your product. Once you sell your bag with them, their team will find the next owner of your bag and pay you accordingly.

They accept bags only if Hermes bags include the world-famous Birkin & Kelly bags, are authentic, and are in good condition. LUX.R has nearly 20 years of experience in reselling business, they always check the quality of the product, and try to sell it at a comparable price.

Buy with LUX.R

LUX.R is the most reputable Hermes resellers in Singapore, they directly buy the product from customers and after doing all the quality checks they sell the product with all the original accessories, bills to the new owner. If you are willing to buy a Hermes bag, then LUX.R is your one-stop destination.

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