A dab is created by heating cannabis concentrate and inhaling it.

People today seek stronger and more immersive ways to experience cannabis concentrates and flowers, which is why they seek stronger and more immersive methods of consuming cannabis. Dabbing is a popular way of enjoying cannabis concentrates for a full-flavor and THC-blasted experience. You may have a thousand questions about dabbing, dab rigs, and what’s needed. If you have questions about dabbing, what dab rig is best for you, or our recommendations, Purple Haze is here to help.

Inhaling the vapor from a cannabis concentrate is known as dabbing. The dabbing process involves heating cannabis concentrate to create vapor, then inhaling it. The dab rigs are a bright yellow honey-like consistency placed on the rig’s nail with a dabber. Wax is usually available in half-grams or grams. Ask a budtender for recommendations or help to choose concentrates in your dispensary, as they come in different varieties with different THC profiles.

dab rigs

We have Colorado’s largest selection of dab rigs, pipes, accessories, and storage available for those in the process of becoming a vapory veteran. It is a type of pipe designed specifically for dabbing, similar to water pipes but made from glass. We offer dab rigs for all budgets, including our special artisan Heady Glass, handcrafted by the world’s best artists. They are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

You will need a nail, a torch, cotton swabs, and your favorite concentrates using a dab rig. It has a well attached to it. You heat the nail to melt and vaporize your favorite concentrates. Since this is the reason this is a rig rather than a typical water pipe, it is the most important part. It is heated intensely with a torch. Do not touch the nail during heating.

This tool is used for picking up wax to be infused into the nails. It is also known as a dab tool. You can use any utensil, but dab tools are the most popular. Torches are easy to buy and easy to use. A torch blows fire with butane to melt the concentrate and allow you to inhale it. Heat the nail with your torch until it glows red, then drop the wax with the dab tool to enhance airflow. The tiny lids help cover the nail and enhance airflow.

Using them isn’t necessary, but it’s helpful. Make sure your dab rig is clean after use with cleaning alcohol and Q-tips. You don’t want it to become crusty. Several shops offer cases to store your dab rigs and other equipment in. Rigs can be fragile, and you don’t want to ruin the party if you break them.

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