Every woman knows how hard it is to crack a fashion to remain fashionable and stylish. The key is knowing a few fashion tips that will help you bring out you’re A-game in fashion and create a unique style for yourself.

Check out this amazing fashion tips to help you.

Know when and how to show skin

Looking slutty is not fashionable at all. And looking sexy does not necessarily mean showing too much skin. Just choose one part of the body to show. Like if wearing a short skirt pair it up with a non-revealing top. Don’t again expose the whole of your back or go all out with your cleavage.

Know your body type and embrace it

Some outfits will never look good on you as they do on other people. Some silhouettes just won’t flatter you no matter how much you force it. This is because of your body shape. We have different kinds of body shape; the pear-shaped, banana-shaped, apple shaped and hourglass. Find out what your body shape is then you will know how to better dress it. Your height also matters when it comes to dressing.

When unsure of the shoe to wear go for a nude one

Sometimes it can be hard to know what shoes to complete your look with. In those moments just go for a nude color but one that suits your skin tone. In fact, this is a must-have for when you do not want your shoes stealing the show from the rest of your outfit.

Outerwear should not be boring

What is the sense of dressing up in a killer outfit then throw on a very boring coat? It hides all the goodies making you look boring as hell and underdressed. Invest in killer coats. Coats that make a statement by themselves and are fashionable and stylish to tie up your look

Thick waistband

For a curvy look go for a thicker waistband. It will bring out your curves and accentuate them as well.

Invest in a red lipstick

For an instant facelift, just apply a red shade of lipstick depending on your skin tone. It will make you look as though you too all the time to make yourself up.

Accessorize Always

Every outfit is not complete until you accessorize. Even just one piece of accessory is better than none. It can either be a pair of earrings, scarf, a necklace, a bracelet, a watch or even an ankle.

Overdress for the occasion

If you are ever in doubt of whether to under-dress or overdress, just overdress. It is better to be overly dressed for an occasion than to turn up in an event and feel out of place because of your dressing. You can imagine turning up at a party where everyone is dressed in an evening wear and you are in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Get some fashion inspiration

Get fashion inspiration from other stylish women. Look upon women whom you admire their sense of style, go through some of their photos to get more ideas of how to dress and how to pair some pieces.

Plan your outfits

Ever been caught up in a place where you are late for an appointment and yet you don’t know what to wear. You just stare at your wardrobe but you cannot pick out what to wear? This happens a lot. The best solution for this is to plan your outfits. Pick out your outfits the night before or pick out your entire week’s outfits over the weekend. This also helps you avoid fashion disasters.

Own a few fashion basics

Fashion basics like a good fitting pair of skinny jeans, a fitting jacket that you can wear with almost anything and a little black dress are some basic fashion foundations. These basics are easy to layer on and combine well with anything. With this, it can just take you a minute to dress up and step out.

Tip* Ensure that your basics fit perfectly well and can combine well with most of the other clothes in your wardrobe

Invest in colorful shoes

Colorful shoes are a fashion do right now. They accentuate your overall style. A simple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt paired with a pair of colored high heels become an instant great outfit. Your LBD can also pop out with a pair of colored chunky heels. Colors like fuschia, yellow, red really stand out

Own a statement piece

A statement piece just clearly makes a statement about your fashion sense. It brings oomph to your style. A statement piece can be a studded jacket, a jewelry piece, a long coat, an ankle boot or just anything that you can throw into your outfit to revolutionize your entire look.

Tip* Wear you piece sparingly, don’t make it an everyday wear. It’s like your secret ingredient!

Emergency Kit

Always carry around with you an emergency kit. Shit happens and can cause you a lifetime embarrassment. A button can pop out of your blouse, your zip can jam, you can accidentally rip off your dress or you can sit on something sharp and tear your dress. These accidents happen so to deal with them carry your emergency kit. This emergency kit must contain:

  •  1.A lint roller or remover
  •  2.Safety pin
  •  3.Needle
  •  4.A blade
  •  5.Extra button
  •  6.Foot cushion
  •  7.A nude seamless panty
  •  8.Stain Remover
Go for the right undergarments

This may not be seen but there is nothing as bad looking as panty lines showing on your tight-fitting pants or dresses. Worse off are the panties that show through your jeans when you bend low. Invest in panties that are of the right fight, right fabric, and choose a variety of colors and styles. If your panties are saggy go a size down and go a size up if they feel too tight and pinch your waist. If you are wearing low rise jeans, don’t wear undercut panties to avoid peek-a-boo moments. Go for a dark panty if you are wearing a transparent cloth. Invest in a couple of pure cotton panties as well.

With these tips you can now rock fashionable outfit in just a couple of minutes and still look dashing.

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