It’s not surprising that most girls have a borderline obsession with fashion and luxury. Fashion is a perception, a feeling and not a possession. You think you are the most fashionable when you look the best but the reality is slightly deceptive.

We wear discomfort under our desire to look perfect and conduct ourselves in the right manner. But what if you don’t really have to choose between comfort and fashion? Is that possible? It’s strange that every time you wear a high heel, you are already anticipating a corn or a bunion but isn’t it sweet pain? Despite the odds, it still doesn’t stop you from buying a pair of stiletto heels.

After all, it’s not about how well you look, but how tall you stand.

We would like to share some tips that can assure you good foot health and inspire you to reach the sky.

Many of us have different sizes on each foot. So it becomes a bare necessity to measure each foot and to know the exact size of each. You find a lot of videos or articles online to help you out here or you can simply visit a store and get it measured. Also, the best thing is to do this exercise at the end of the day. Not many know that our feet can change sizes throughout the day and can tend to swell a bit later in the day. Walk around and gauge your comfort with the shoes. You are good to go!

Besides investing in high quality and pliable materials will definitely pay off. You can look for high heels that are designed with Leather and Suede instead of synthetic fibre materials like nylon or plastic. These synthetic materials won’t last long and can make you extremely uncomfortable. A proper cushioning can add more comfort to the ball of your feet. It’s important you check the inside cushioning or simply purchase an insole cushion that comes in different sizes depending on where you want the maximum cushion inside your shoes. It’s important to mention here that when you decide to wear an insole, do ensure you have enough room for your toes and they aren’t too cramped up.

That’s not all, with different brands, type and cut of shoes the sizes also tend to vary. You could be a 5.5 in one brand and a 6 in another. So there is no alternative to trying out your pair of shoes and walking around laps before you decide to pick one. And still, there might be a good possibility that they may not fit you well in about a few hours or a day later. How annoying? So Next time you’re out shopping its recommended to pick a store which is at your convenience and that also offer a good return policy. This just helps you with the exchange or return for your pair of shoes.

We all wish that our favourite pair should last for years, don’t we? Although this seems unlikely you can definitely invest smartly in the best quality heels that will last you for a long time. You would need to check for some

Last but not least, it’s advisable to choose heels that give you a good grip. You will find a lot of options available in the market with a layer of rubber on the heel.

Styles to choose for comfort

We all know difficult it is to resist a pair of high heels, despite the grimace. Your heart aches more to just dismiss them to the back of your wardrobe. To ease this pain for you, we explored some really investment-worthy options that bring together comfort and style.

Block Heels are taking over the shoe style. These chic style heels are a classic stiletto with filler blocks at the heel that provides strong support and comfort

Mulesare the best definition for simplistic footwears with no compromise on height. You can pair them with your formal wear, casual outfits or even for a corporate dinner party.

Chunky Heels/ Chunky Platform Heels have gained so much popularity in the recent times and can be more comfortable than flats. This is your type if you like a combination of high heels, comfort and stability with extra support

Kitten Heels are an excellent amalgamation of style and comfort. You can wear them for parties, office events or just for any other casual occasion to add to your height, style and more to your comfort.

Cone Heels

Thick Strapalso simply called high heels that offer more support and usually more comfortable than any other high heels. With a wider base, the height ranges between 2-3inches and typically low cut at the front.

Pumps Sandals are a preferred option by women with broad feet and toddler in high heels. It’s quite a mystique with its bold straps.

Wedge Heelsare generally classified in 2 categories: Wedge Heels and Wedge Sandals. The wedge-like structure and a good combination of a shoe and heel give more support to the feet.

Wedge Sandalsare quite similar to wedge heel. The only difference between the two is these have an open upper with back straps

Espadrilles styleis so popular that you will see a lot of high heeled espadrilles shoes that add so much to your vacay look. If your feet can’t bear the discomfort from high heels or wedges, these platform shoes can be your saviour. These are considered to be leisure-shoe and undoubtedly a high-comfort wear.

Ankle Bootiesare the most versatile fashion and travel shoes. They are stylish yet comfortable and can be used for varied purposes for casual, formal or business look. Ankle booties are the most common heel choice for comfort.

Oxford Heelsare the classiest ones. You will see a lot of variation in style and pattern but overall they are very comfortable and offer a dignified look.

For aeons, women have been in a love-hate relationship with their pair of high heels. But it’s time to reconsider your love

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