Throwing Light On 5 Common Misconceptions About Bong

Bongs are the talk of the town and continue to enjoy higher reception and popularity as cannabis is getting acceptance. It piques the curiosity of all, including scientists, doctors, and of course, consumers. Also known as bubbler, billy, or binger, bongs were not originally an elite-looking smoking legend, as they are today. Rather, they were basic bamboo pipes employed by Thai laymen to relish the toke of dry weed.

Debunking 5 insanely common myths about bongs

Clashing stories are roaming about the city, where some support Bong while others rebuff it bitterly. What’s real and fake of these narratives, we shall find here in a list of 7 myths about water pipes.

  • Holding the smoke longer makes you higher: Usual smokers claim that holding the smoke longer gives them a swinging sensation, while others find it uncomfortable. However, science says that head-swirling feeling is not due to marijuana, rather, it is because of higher THC absorption, oxygen deficit, and increased heart rate. It is not a good practice to contain the smoke for a long time, as smoke contains carcinogens.
  • Coughing while smoking intoxicates more: Coughing occurs when allergens or irritants enter the respiratory system, especially the lungs. It occurs naturally and plays no role in boosting your intoxication.


  • Mangoes boost the cannabis puff: Some claims say that munching raw mangoes enhances the weed experience. How far is this true? Well, the theories take into account the presence of terpenes, a natural substance found in mangoes as well as cannabis. It is said that taking a fresh mango around 45 minutes before the token session can perk up the feel.
  • You can guzzle bubbler water: This water holds several toxins from dry weed as the smoke passes through it. Moreover, it tastes terrible and looks even more gruesome. You will readily discard the idea of even sipping it once you bring it close to your nose! It smells awful too!
  • Eating raw weed can slosh you: Not! The intoxicating properties of marijuana get alive when THC is triggered at a particular temperature. When you light raw weed, THC undergoes combustion and converts into a strong chemical known as THCA, which is responsible for bringing about a high effect.

Often misunderstandings can lead to grave happenings. Ergo, it is better to settle them as soon as possible, or you may end up swishing Bong soup out of ignorance!

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